123 Miles

It’s happened again. We’ve been having such a great time, I didn’t get to to blog.

Overall, everything is going so great right now! After leaving the retreat center we went to Mt Wilcox shelter, then to Uppergoose Pond Cabin which was amazing. There was a great couple who were the caretakers of this shelter that had 16 bunks, two canoes for hiker use and pancakes and coffee for breakfast.

We woke up here the morning of my birthday, July 16th, then went into Lee Massachusetts and ner-o’d (a near zero mile day) there at the Sunset Motel. We shared the room with our trail loves Porch and Tumbleweed, swam in the pool and grilled, it was a great birthday! Then we stayed at the “cookie lady’s house” which is in Manchester, they are a sweet older couple who put cookies out for hikers, let them stay on the property and pick fresh blueberries.

The next night we were fortunate enough to spend the night at Thomas Levardi’s house. He is an amazing man whose house lies on the trail in Dalton. He opens his house up for hikers and is such an amazingly nice person.

We were fortunate enough to get one of his ice cream sundays but avoided the mohawk hair cut he gave to many of the other hikers that night. Thomas’ next door neighbor is spunky little 6 year old Jacob who invited Christian over to play for the night, he was in all his glory on their trampoline, eating ice pops and running in the sprinkler. We went to an all you can eat buffet, then slept like thru hikers.

We then went to St Mary of the Assumption Church in Cheshire MA where we were able to stay in their recreation hall and eat all their left over sandwiches from a big party the day before. The next day was a big one, we went up, over and down Mount Greylock, which is the highest point in Massachusetts. We were so thankful to a man named Marty whose house is also right on the trail who let us stay in his backyard and end an epic day a mile and a half early. Tomorrow we cross over into Vermont. This is a HUGE milestone for us. 

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