309 to Lehigh Furnace Gap

Appalachian Trail -

309 to Lehigh Furnace Gap

Today we decided to take it easy and only did 11 miles. It seems the shorter the day we plan, the longer it is taking us. We have really enjoyed staying with Dion’s Uncle Brian, he is so incredibly nice and welcoming! But, the more time we spend with Dion’s amazing family, the more time we are spending off the trail. We have made the decision that because we have chosen to alter our diet, a main reason for having the car, that we will no longer need the Jeep.

We have spent hundreds of dollars in the past month on gas driving all over creation looking for food and driving to our next spot. We need to exchange our tent, get a new portable stove and organize our things. It’s amazing how much stuff you can accumulate just living out of your Jeep on a backpacking trip.  

We both feel so much more connected to the trail and our journey when we stay on the trail in shelters or our tent. We are going to post the Jeep for sale and begin repacking, resorting and reorganizing. Christian will only carry water so he can keep his miles up so we need to pack carefully!

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