Wind Gap to 248 & Lehigh Gap to Smith Gap

Yesterday was long and hot. But today was wicked. Today was the hottest day we've had by far and there was a good 4 mile stretch of trail that was out of the green tunnel which made it feel even hotter! I’m glad that we dropped Dion off at 248 to hike up that epic rock pile cause that was the hardest climb we’ve faced thus far. We met Dion for lunch after our first few miles headed south, the terrain was easy and it was early so the weather was really nice.

During lunch Dion warned us of the 4 miles that were uncovered and the climb down but didn’t quite do justice to how epic it was. It was about 90 degrees with not a cloud in the sky, that’s not awesome for anyone but Christian didn’t complain one bit. He is such a trooper, so resilient and strong. He is learning his limits, learning when to rest and blowing past any expectation I’ve ever had for him. The climb down to the car was hard for me but Christian seemed to slide down from one rock to the next.

We’re going to take tomorrow off which we’re not really excited about because it’s time off the trail, but it’s one more day we get to spend with Dion’s wonderful family we don’t seem often enough and we need the time to pack our packs and get our stuff together. We have posted our Jeep for sale and gotten a ton of offers so we have decided that we are going to leave the car for a week and go hike like everyone else. Pack our stuff in our packs, strap them on and hit the trail. Now with that decision made, we need to swap out our 7lb tent, Dion’s huge sleeping bag and get a new portable stove. We will miss our Paleo diet and our grill, but look forward to many many happy nights on the AT building fires and sleeping in different shelters.



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