A Blur of Miles

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to update, but we have been blowing though miles on the trail and off. We are spending a good 7-13 hours on the trail every day, but also spending several hours driving to and from each place, grocery store, then off to where we will camp for the night. When we are on the trail, everything goes smoothly, we count the miles down and keep heading forward.

Getting off the trail is proving to be too time consuming and getting quite pricy as well. We are going to start making moves to shorten the time spent off the trail and keep heading north. By the end of day 28 we have gotten to the 501 shelter, 172 miles completed!

The weather has been really bad so we've stayed at the 501 shelter the past few nights. This is the nicest shelter we’ve ever stayed in! There is a huge skylight, 12 bunk beds, and there are several places that deliver to the shelter. We are getting closer to Dion’s family so we are going to call them tomorrow and see if we can crash with them for a few days and shower again! It’s the little things in life that have become really exciting, showers, meatballs, seeing family and taking your shoes off.

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