Continued Sickness

Well this is a first, four days in a row off the trail! It’s hard to sit still when you just want to be making moves but there isn’t a thing we can do except wait for us to all feel better and then move on. Poor Dion has fallen victim to the awful virus that has stricken each of us, one at a time. First I was sick for three days, then Buddy was sick and we took off three days for him to get better. Yesterday he was back to his normal healthy and happy self so we decided to pack up our bags and get ready to head back to the trail this morning.

Unfortunately just as we were getting ready to head to bed, Dion came down with the sickness. So, another day will be spent in Franklin NC nursing a Buddy Backpacker team member back to health and hopefully we will be able to do some miles tomorrow. Time is running out to finish by Christmas and we still have several miles between Springer and us. Once we have reached Springer we will have the last 160.4 miles from Waynesboro to Harpers Ferry before this record is set and our hike is complete! We will just keep working toward a fantastic ending to this trip of a lifetime for our family.

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