A Happy Fourth

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A Happy Fourth

Waking up at Amy and Bills house was amazing. Whenever you woke up you could come into the kitchen, grab a seat at the table and the waffles and coffee kept coming until you could have no more! What an amazing time with such great people. We sat and spoke with Amy this morning who told us that she has no interest in being in the AT book, or making their house a more known about spot, they just like hosting people when they can and not having any full time commitment to it. They don’t expect to make a profit off of the thru hikers, although they do have a box in the garage for donations, they just enjoy helping hikers and getting to hang out with them. People like Bill and Amy are wonderful and uplifting to be around. We are going to spend the day hanging out, jumping on the trampoline, grilling and having an awesome thru hiker 4th of July!

Thru hikers that were there and we got the chance to speak with:

Porch and Tumbleweed- an amazing couple we are going to try to keep pace with in a few days, they are so nice and definitely our kind of people!

Bearbell- French man who has lived in my hometown of Greenville SC, but is heading back to France once he is finished with the trail. He started in harpers ferry also and will start back in harpers ferry and head south to Georgia, the opposite of us but I want to keep in touch to see where he stops in the south so late in the season.

Hopper and Bismarck- an older couple who have thru hiked several times


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