Anything But Bland

We are so excited the weather has been spectacular the past few days! We hiked from Pearisburg to Bland in three short days and were blessed with the best weather we have had in weeks! The sun even decided to come out today. The terrain has been great, short inclines and declines really brake up the miles.

Once we got near Bland we had the extreme privilege of staying with Carol and Rick Lindamood whose son Hardtack hiked the trail earlier this year. Rick and Carol are another incredible example of the hospitality of kindness you find in “trail people”. Rick is a Methodist minister and him and his wife are picture perfect examples of practicing what they preach. Their kindness was almost matched by the quality of the amazing southern food we were given from the moment we entered until we were walking out the door. Buddy had such a great time staying with them, and we all sincerely hope that we will get to see them again!

We have decided to end in Bland for now and drive down to Damascus early. We are going to hike south around it for the next two days, then enjoy all of amazing Halloween plans, then go back to Bland and make up the section we skipped.

We were here back in May for trail days, and honestly can’t believe it’s been 6 months since we’ve been here. We are so excited to see that there are lot of other hikers in town that we haven’t met yet! Buddy has lots of candy stocked up to give out to other thru hikers for Halloween, so if you see Buddy in town make sure to trick or treat from him!

Today we are feeling extremely thankful. We are thankful for each other, everyone that we have met, but mostly to the trail for the life changing journey it takes us on every day we walk it.

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