Trail Train Station

Today the boys are going 11 miles to the Appalachian Trail Train Station and I will slack pack their gear to the party, then meet them up ahead at the train station around 4 when they will finish. I’m kind of disappointed that I am not hiking, but without the Jeep we won’t be able to make it to the party, so it worked out keeping the Jeep after all.

While I was sitting waiting for the boys I was able to give a ride to a few other hikers that needed to get to the grocery store and back which was great, another benefit of the car. We are heading to Bill and Amy’s house tonight to hang out for the party tomorrow then will head back to the trail on Friday the 5th.

After getting to Bill and Amy’s house, we are really glad that we decided to come. We are taking yet another zero day, but it is worth it for the experience of being here. There are about 15 other thru hikers that have arrived so far, we can all take showers, do laundry and sleep on their property. Bill is a former thru hiker who truly understands how much we all sincerely appreciate and are extremely grateful for their hospitality.

Amy made a huge Mexican dinner for all the hikers and we sat out on their deck and ate till our hearts content. I can not believe how extremely generous this family is, they are literally opening the entire home to thru hikers and expect nothing more than for everyone to have the best time possible. We are very thankful to be here an excited to get to hang out with all the other amazing people who are here.

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