Back to the RPH Shelter

Well after a few too man zero days on Long Island we are back home. Seeing family, air conditioning, and swapping out our gear was great but we are glad to be home. Although we’ve been wanting to get rid of the Jeep, we are going to follow the advice of a few other people and hold on to it for the time being. We have a few ideas of how the Jeep could come in handy, other than selling it.

We are staying at the RPH shelter tonight then heading 9 miles to the Morgan Stewart Shelter I’m the morning. A couple that live close by stopped by the shelter a little while ago and invited us all to their place for breakfast and a forth of July party. We are trying to make up some miles so we will skip their kind breakfast invite, but we plan on catching that party! They have kids and a huge backyard so any chance we get for Christian to get to play with other kids we take it.

Since we have the Jeep, there isn’t a very good parking lot here, and I went and little crazy at the grocery store and my pack now weighs, no joke, 57 pounds I am going to drive the Jeep up ahead and slack pack the boys’ gear tomorrow. Another added bonus of having the Jeep, we have the grill in the back. So tonight we will grill up some sausage and peppers and enjoy being back home.

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