Backpacking Buddies

We can not believe that we are getting the extreme privilege of getting to stay with such an amazing family as the Thomas’. Sherri and Terri are the most kind and hospitable people, really making us feel so welcome and treating us like family. They have two of the best boys too, Nathan and Ethan. Buddy has latched onto 11 year old Ethan like a thru hiker on Nutella! They have been playing Civil War Soldiers and game boy like their is no tomorrow.

Jerry and Nathan played hooky the first day we were with them so they could come hike with Dion and Buddy! We were so excited that they wanted to come and hike with us, we all love company on the trail. For guys who don’t get out an hike much, they did fantastic! They kept up with Buddy and seemed to have a great time! We were so happy that they were able to spend ‘father and son’ time on the trail as well as keep Buddy company, that is what our hike is all about, having a great time with your family. We did 8 miles that day, then Jerry took us on a ‘media tour’ through Marion. We first stopped at the newspaper in town, SWVA today, who said they would love to write an article about Buddy! I couldn’t believe it! Jerry just walked in an asked the writer if she would want to write about it and 5 minutes later we were sitting in their office telling them our story. Buddy was so animated and excited about telling someone his story. He did such a great job, he told funny stories and exact details like a little professional. He is too funny sometimes. After we finished the interview the writer told us that it would be in this weeks paper, took our picture and thanked us for our time. We can not wait to see Buddy in print!

After that interview Jerry took us to meet the Mayor! Mayor David Helms met us in the parking lot and said to Buddy, “I know you’re a little young to vote, but when you can here’s my business card, vote for me!” Buddy thought that was hysterical, as he has no idea what voting or a Mayor are really. He was excited to meet him though, he took us inside and introduced us to some other officials then bought Buddy a Mountain Dew because Marion is the birth place of the Dew. After our media tour was finished we headed home for dinner and another great night with the family!

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