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Mammoth Lakes to South Lake Tahoe

After leaving Mammoth Lakes we traveled through Tuolumne Meadows. We had a lot of rain and strong winds during these next five and half days. As we headed north we came to Highway 108, down the road a few miles was Kennedy Meadows North Resort. Guthook’s guide showed that although they had hot showers and a small restaurant, our resupply options would be very limited here. While hiking to the road we decided that we would test our luck and try to hitch 30 miles in the other direction down to Bridgeport, a much larger town with two grocery stores.
We lucked out big time with this hitch. We were picked up by these two amazing friends, Kate and Zach. They were headed down to the hot springs near Bridgeport. When they dropped us off they asked if we’d like a ride back in a few hours, when they would be returning to Kennedy Meadows North. We were so glad we decided to come down to Bridgeport, this was working out perfectly. With a few hours to kill in town we ate burgers and ice cream, did our laundry and got our groceries. We still had some time left when we had finished our errands so, of corse, we got more burgers from Burger Barn. 
Kate and Zack picked us up and we took the 45 minute drive back driving up this twisty, winding mountain road. When we were almost back to the trail they asked if we’d like to come back to the resort and spend the night with them. This ride kept getting better and better! We arrived at the resort to find that Kate was there on vacation with her entire family, including about 20 young cousins, nieces and nephews. The next day everyone was going fishing and swimming in the river, which sounds like a perfect day off to us. So, we took another zero. Time means nothing right now, we are saying yes to life and to all the oppertunities to meet new people and make new memroeis that come our way. The next morning, after our zero, Kate was kind enough to drive us back to the trail. Packs full, we hit the trail once again.
It was only four and a half days for us to get to our next town of South Lake Tahoe. The trail flew by quickly in this section, we did back to back 19 mile days. After getting through the Sierra, these miles seem like they were very easy and we are really enjoying every day. This section of trail gets a lot of use and therefore is very well maintained. We saw a lot of weekend warriors and section hikers in this stretch. It was really nice to see so many other people who were out here, doing what they love.
The next road crossing would bring us down to the casino-packed town of South Lake Tahoe. We were a bit aprehensive of going down into this town. We’d heard it was tough to get a ride down there and once you were in town everything was very spread out. Our food bag was running low and it would have been really tough to make it to the next town, so we headed to the road and set out for South Lake Tahoe. We were picked up within minutes and were on our way to South Lake Tahoe.
When we arrived in town I felt like we’d been transported to another planet. After living in the woods for four months I wasn’t use to seeing so many people or such big towns anymore. This town has it all. Casinos, buffets, hotels on every corner and every restaurant you can think of. We stayed in two for two days eating as much as possible and enjoying everything this awesome town has to offer. 
We packed out five days worth of food, planning to stop in Truckee next. Leaving the comforts of town is tough, beds, running water and ice cubes are such luxuries for hikers. But upon returning to the trail and seeing something as incredible as the sun setting on Echo Lake, you quickly remember where you really want to be. Putting in the miles day after day is what makes town stops so incredible. The novelty of everyday life conviences is only truly appreciated when you go for days, weeks and months without them.