Appalachian Trail -

Chet Revisited

We had a great night sleep and all woke up on the right side of our sleeping pads this morning!

We are going to go 8 miles over to Fronconia Notch today and then go back and stay at Chets place again. He was such an incredibly positive person to be around, we want to go soak up some more of his good vibes before we head north again. This was a surprisingly hard 8 miles, climbing over Kinsman was a lot harder than we had anticipated and because they bridge is out going over Cascade Brook, we got a little lost at the end of the day, adding another mile onto the end of an exhausting day. We’re rolling in late tonight on the eve of Dion’s birthday but excited to celebrate in the morning. After getting to Chet’s we are excitedly greeted by the members of Funky Town, a large group of about 12 people who travel together and are marked with face paint each day that we have been hearing about for a long time. They are all really excited to meet Christian, who they have all been hearing about, and talk to him until he literally falls asleep mid sentence.