Appalachian Trail -

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Today started off well, we got packed up quickly and on our way. We stayed our first three nights in Weverton parking lot which was very convenient since it was a central location right on the trail. As we pulled out onto the main road to start our third day a truck blew past our Jeep causing the top carryall to blow open, spilling all of our gear onto the highway. We very quickly noticed that our stuff was now becoming road kill, pulled over and played frogged with the cars that seemed to be aiming for some of our stuff. Once all our things were recovered and we realized that very little was lost or broken, we took solace in knowing it could have been much worse!

We went on with our day, knocking out another 7.6 miles. These miles seem to be adding up pretty quickly but we still have a long way to go. Christian and I finished our day at Old South Mountain Inn where Dion was waiting with the car. It had begun to pour just as we reached the car and we were happy to get in before we were soaked. After piling all the stuff in the car, we decided to make the 40 minute trek up to Hagersville to sit in Barnes and Noble and charge all our electronics, use the internet to get some work done and relax for a bit.

Once we arrived in the parking lot and I reached into the back for my wallet I realized : my backpack was gone. When we first pulled out from the trail I noticed the back hatch was open and pulled over to check, but hadn’t seen anything fall out. The only place my backpack and wallet could be were in the parking lot, 40 miles away. Christian and I dropped Dion off to get some work done and prayed the whole way back my bag would still be there when we arrived. The whole time I drove I hoped that my bag full with my my wallet, camera, spare key, rain jacket, water bladder and basically all my other essentials would still be there. To my amazement it was. Along with Christians backpack I hadn’t noticed missing yet! Thank the AT gods! They were soaked through and through but they were there. We decided to stay at a super 8 in Hagerstown to dry out our stuff and recuperate from this day. The hiking is the easy part, it’s everything else that’s dragging us down. Tonight we are going to grill outside our room and sleep in warm beds, it’s not an awful day.