Counting Down

Yesterday it was beautiful, a perfect day to get back on the trail! The boys started at Wayah Bald and did 17.8 miles north into the NOC. It was perfect weather and a great day on the trail. I was able to hike into meet them about half way through their day and hike back to the car with them. We ended well after dark around 7pm and were greeted by this fantastic sign the people of the NOC made for Buddy! This was so exciting, he loved it!

Today the weather is not cooperating in our plan for big miles, but we will make the best of it! It was really coming down when they first headed out this morning. The rain seems to have subsided for now, hopefully it stays clear. I am trying not to obsess about miles and days because we just hate deadlines, but it’s hard when Christmas is in 11 days! The weather looks good for the next few days, so our new plan for right now is to just keep booking it south. We hope to finish Springer by the 21st, then head through the Smokys and finish them Christmas eve. Stay tuned and lets see how that works out!

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