Appalachian Trail -

Damascus Down

Thank you so much to everyone who came to our dinner on Saturday night! We had a fantastic time with all those who came and we’re so thankful to our trail journal friends who drove so far to come meet Buddy!!

We spent another warm wonderful night with Fidget and Mammy in Damascus on Saturday night. After all the running around and prepping on Saturday we took off on this rainy Sunday to recover! We needed to run some life errands, get the tire fixed and spend some quality family time together. While we were heading back through town we were flagged down by the ever so amazing Crazy Larry! We pulled up and got out to talk to him about our dinner, life and catch up. He asked where we were staying and when we replied, “we are trying to get back to the trail so we can get an early start,” he would have none of it! He welcomed us to stay at the hostel that night and hang out with him one last time while we were in Damascus. We just love Crazy Larry, he’s such an incredibly kind person and a real pleasure to be around! So, one last night was spent in Damascus with our old pal Larry.

We headed back to the trail early this morning, eager to start on such a beautiful day! We are making up a 16 mile section from Shady Valley to Wilbur Dam Road today, then heading back where we left off at Roan Mountain. We are excited that after today we will have under 400 miles to Springer! Although we have been so blessed with meeting the kindest trail people you could ever imagine and being so lucky to stay with a bunch of them, we are going to stick to staying on the trail as much as possible and pound out these miles. We have a week of good weather ahead and we are going to take full advantage of it, and try to pull some big days the next few weeks! If we play our cards right we could be down to Springer in 3 weeks! Wow, that’s crazy to think about! Then then Shenandoah’s and a big finale at the ATC! We are going to keep our feet warm and our fingers crossed that the weather cooperates with us and allows us to stick to this plan, if not we’ve got back up plans for our backup plans so we will figure it out!