Day 22

Today we’ve woken up early, feeling rejuvenated and excited to head back to the trail! We’ve had a good time with family and friends but are anxious to get back to the trail. We are heading back to Whiskey Springs Rd to do those 8 miles Christian missed. Dion needs some time to put the car back together because we just packed it full of stuff in a rush to leave and this will not due for someone who thrives on organization. Dion’s obsessive research and often time consuming organization are what make our life style possible.

We got back to the trail around 11 and Christian and I headed out, leaving Dion to clean up. We put the iPhone in his backpack, he walked in front of me and he sang the entire 8 miles. We really bonded a lot today when I took my headphones out and spent 4 hours listening to every word my son said. This sounds terrible but when you spend every hour of every day listening to even the most intelligent 5 year old speak he hardly stops to take a breath sometimes. Today was different though, it wasn’t the usual ramblings of his thoughts on spaghetti shapes or what he wants for his next birthday party, which is in 10 months. Today he talked about all the educational music he was listening to and what he thought it meant, about the instruments he hears in the songs, he was really thinking about it and applying it which was so amazing for him to tell me about. He has grown up so much even in the short time we’ve been on this trip. We finished our 8 miles in less than 4 hours and had already stopped on the way for food, so we’ve headed back to Sherwood Road to camp for the night. We’ve planned a 14.5 miles day for tomorrow, but we’ve had plenty of time to get ready for the day ahead. We are going to try to head out early tomorrow and see what early morning launches feel like. It’s nice to still have some time at the end of the day to relax when we get our camp set up.

I am going to work on getting some pictures up as soon as possible! It’s hard to stay on top of it all with limited Internet. Thank god for our iPad!

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