501 Shelter to Game Commission

We did an easy 9.8 mile day that ended pretty early and we headed over to Dion’s uncles house for showers and lots of food! We’ve been talking about our diet, mostly over empty grumbling bellies, and decided that we can not continue the amazing Paleo diet we’ve been trying so hard to maintain.

When we are finished with our hike at the end of the day all we want to do is eat and pass out, we are all too tired to go to the grocery store, cook, eat clean up then start getting ready for bed. This would only be a minor inconvenience if there were more grocery stores closer to the trail. We can find every fast food chain imaginable on our search for a grocery store which can take up to 30 minutes to drive too.

We have never felt so good and had so much energy as when we eat a clean diet but when we are putting in back to back 16 mile days, we need more food. We are going to still try to be as healthy in our diet as possible, but we are going to start devouring a lot more food. Tonight was our first night at Dion’s uncles house and it was an amazing dinner of pizza and meatballs. We have found a new level of happiness tonight.

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