Appalachian Trail -

Going in Circles

Today I dropped Dion off in Port Clinton and set out North from Game Commission road. I missed the very first turn about 1/8 of a mile in and continued on the gravel road that parallels the trail. I had no idea that I missed the turn and kept heading on this nice gravel road for over 8 miles, passing markings on the side for the springs we were passing, not thinking for a minute that I wasn’t on the AT.

We came upon a sign for the AT bearing to the right and we headed that way full of energy and having a great day. Christian and I were having such a great hike, rocking out to our music and this is why I thought nothing of passing people in the opposite direction I had met in the 501 shelter a few nights back.

After traveling another 4 miles or so, I stopped , took off my headphones and realized what was going on when I passed the sign for the Sand Spring Trail again for the second time that day. I had done a 16 mile loop right back to the car. Ugh, this was not the highlight of my day.

At least it was a great hike, beautiful weather and we got back to the car before Dion did. He was wondering where we were the second half of the day, but knowing me figured something like this may have happened. Oh well, back to re-do it tomorrow. Tonight, we are going back to Dion’s uncles which means beds and showers so it’s not all bad!