Appalachian Trail -

Double Time And Climb

Hexacuba Shelter is the only shelter we’ve seen thus far in a hexagon shape. It’s big enough for 12 people with plenty of hooks to hang your gear, but the double opening on the front really lets the wind blow in! Along the way Dion and Christian were able to stop and climb up the Fire Wardens Cabin which was a great view and a terrific lunch spot! After that it was all down hill until the marker for the shelter. Word to the wise who plan on staying there, it’s a bit further than .3 off the trail and it is straight up! The privy is also shaped like a hexagon, which christian thought was so funny and he said, “This privy is big enough for a party, a privy party!”

Tomorrow is going to be a big day, it’s 15 miles to Glenncliff NH which is where we are planning on getting to so it’s off to bed early so we can get an early start.