Appalachian Trail -

Eastern Mountain Retreat

The boys started back from US 7 this morning and hiked an easy 8 miles to the other side of Great Barrington. The terrain was much easier than the day before and they were averaging almost 3 miles per hour. We have met back up with our best trail friends thus far Porch and Tumbleweed this afternoon. They were planning on staying at the East Mountain Retreat center and because we love them, we decided to stay there again, this time without any expectation of hospitality or sleeping indoors. There is a small wooden swing that hangs from the house that Christian was in love with and this was the main reason we went back. We were again not greeted by Lowis, but asked for payment then ushered right back outside to set up our tent.

Considering we live in a tent, are surrounded by mosquitos for 15+ hours a day and don’t shower for weeks on end, this place was pretty bad if we would complain about it. The caretaker Lowis was rude, the bathroom was disgusting and this “Retreat Center” was less than peaceful. They have two small dogs that bark at anything that moves, ALL NIGHT LONG. This was not such a great experience and I would not recommend it, even if you are aloud to sleep inside all of the three beds are in one room, have no plastic covering and are directly on the floor. 1-10, i’d give it a 5. However, we did get to spend the night with our friends, cook an amazing meal of grilled salmon, chicken, and asparagus on the grill in the Jeep and we woke up to hike another day on the AT, hence the 5 I did give it.