Appalachian Trail -

Eliza Brook

After a great day off, we’re all heading out to Eliza Brook together. Andrea will take a side trail, Buddy and Dionysus will continue to follow the White Blazes north.

After Moosilauke, this 8 is a cake walk for Buddy! They roll into camp early and get to spend a few hours relaxing at camp, talking with Little SAS and her daughter who is out for the weekend, until a boy scout troop of 6 boys come in. These guys, who range in age from 14-20, were blown away to hear about Buddy and what he’s doing. They asked him a million questions and wanted to know every detail of our journey. It was so great to see Christian get to boast about all the things he’s done and how much he enjoys it. He has all our stats memorized by now, when we started and from where, where we’re going, how many miles he averages, and all the other questions we get asked on a daily basis. The troop leader took a little video of Christian explaining who he was and what he is doing so he can go back to his troop and show the other hundred kids, who didn’t come because they thought the 40 mile 7 day trip was too much, that they needed to buck up! We really enjoyed this downtime at camp and loved all the candy the boy scouts handed out before moving on to the next campsite.