Erwin Explorers

Well there was no 19 into Erwin, but we did make it into Erwin! I can not believe we are here! We did some flipping and flopping around in these 36 miles, but we have hiked every single one of these miles! We have had the extreme pleasure of staying at Uncle Johnny’s cabin while we are hiking around the Erwin area. They offered us the cabin in exchange for doing an interview with the Erwin Newspaper and the Johnson City Press at their location, which completely works for us! We are so thankful for their hospitality and excited to stay in this great little cabin for a few days. The weather has been so great down here, we are really lucky that it has stayed so warm! We are so glad to be down past Roan Mountain, it was insanely windy up there which made it really cold in the mornings when we started out. Christian dropped his glove around Indian grave gap, but luckily Crunchmaster found it and picked it up! He is our hero, Buddy really loves those gloves!

It’s been a while since we’ve had time alone as a family off the trail and it is so wonderful! Since we have a full kitchen in the cain we decided to go to the grocery store and get a turkey and do an early Thanksgiving dinner, knowing there will be tons of leftovers to bring on the trail with us! After the boys ended their day, crossed over the Nolichucky River, they joined me back at the cabin and we did a quick interview with the local Erwin newspaper. One of the questions the guy asked us was, “What has the trail been like?” How could you possibly answer that? It’s been more than we could have ever hoped or imagined it would be. We have all grown closer together and learned so much that couldn’t be put into words. What is it like? It’s AWESOME and we wish that hiking the trail was a life requirement. There are experiences you get from this hike that you won’t find anywhere else, lessons learned that can’t be taught and friends made you wouldn’t normally ever get to meet off the trail. We are just so thankful for this whole adventure. This really is the trip of a lifetime.

After the interview I popped the turkey in the oven and we all sat down to watch Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2. What a great movie!

Today they are completing this section by hiking from Iron Mountain Gap to Indian Grave Gap. It’s only 12.2 miles but we’ve heard it is a hard spot because there is a mountain nicknamed “Heart-attack hill” because it has a mile of switchbacks straight up the mountain. Buddy loves the switchbacks, or loopty-loopers as he calls them because he likes to watch Dion hiking just a little bit ahead of him and mimic his movements with his poles while he hikes.

We are expecting our friend Simple to be joining us tonight at the cabin and hike with us for a week or so which will be fantastic, we love company! We can not wait to get down to Hot Springs for thru hiker Thanksgiving, it’s going to be a blast!

Congratulations to the AMAZING Florida Flip Floppers on getting to 2000 miles after a 33 mile day, those ladies are nothing short of incredible!

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