Toymakers Cafe

It was a LONG 15 mile day for the boys today. It was rougher terrain and they were pretty tired. The end of their day was suppose to be a sweet flat, straight shot to finish their day, but unfortunately a terrible thunder and lightening storm slowed them down and soaked them a bit.

Luckily, Christian loves to hike in the rain so this is never an issue. Once his shoes are soaked through and through, we let him splash in the puddles and play in the mud all he wants and what’s better than that for a 5 year old? I was parked in the packing lot by the Housatonic River and was able to give a ride to BP, Doc and Boone who were also staying at the Toymakers Cafe while I waited for Dion and Christian to finish their day. You can tent behind the Toymakers Cafe, they have outlets and water that hikers can use as well. The owners were very nice and took a picture of Christian for their Facebook page after speaking with us for a bit.


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