Fast and Forward

We got up around seven and packed all of our stuff. We are sad to be heading out from Bob and Sandy’s house but need to move on. The comforts of sleeping in a house will be greatly missed but we must adapt to life on the trail.

 We dropped Dion off at the Appalachian Trail Museum and park the car at Whiskey Spring Road. We are heading out for a longest day yet, 13 miles. I had spent some time this morning while hiking skyping with my grandparents in Florida. It’s nice to be in the middle of nowhere and still be able to connect your family.

I am looking forward to seeing Dion’s parents and the rest of his family in a couple of weeks when we get up to the northern part of Pennsylvania. We are going to drive ahead about an hour to Sherman Drive in Donnelly Town tonight and camp there. We are going to try to get Christian through a very flat 16 mile part tomorrow and see how he does.

13 miles seemed a lot easier for Christian than we had expected so we will push for 16 tomorrow and see how it goes!

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