First Footsteps

Appalachian Trail -

First Footsteps

Well the road was long and it was far, but we are here! We had many bumps along the way once we left home. We traveled about 1900 miles over three days and almost gave up before we began. A trip of this magnitude takes more planning then you could possibly imagine and creates more stress than most could handle.

After adjusting to our new surrounding and getting some sleep we have decided to continue on. We found a great little spot right before Harpers Ferry to park our car and set up the tent. We started to get our car organized, things we would need on a daily basis in the back and everything else up in the cargo top. We stocked up on some food, got our battle plan ready for the next day and went to bed early.

We woke up this morning and realized that cooking in the morning is not something we want to do often. After packing up all our sleeping equipment and the tent, taking out the grill and all of the kitchen stuff we saw this was not the most time effective cooking plan. Having fruit and nuts to munch on in the beginning of the day will hopefully serve us better.

We set out for our first day, planning to go 6 miles. We stopped at the AT conservancy after our first half mile. Christian was elated to meet the staff at the museum and check out all their maps and trail signs.

It was nice to talk to people who knew about the trail. So far we’ve only spoken with friends and family who don’t really know much. We signed the log, had our photo taken out front and enjoyed some time at the conservancy.

Our first day was perfect. We really lucked out with the weather, they are calling for rain the next 5 days. The rest of our hike was through the beautiful town of Harpers Ferry. It was flat and leisurely, passing through the town and following along side a river the whole way.

We stopped to look at turtles floating on a log, we stopped to read every sign, we stopped and took a lot of brakes. It was a great way to introduce Buddy to the trail, expose him to some of the amazing things he will see every single day and also get a few miles in.

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