Greek Gathering

Happy Greaster Everyone! Today is Greek Easter and even though we are on trail we still were able to celebrate!  Today we did our longest hike, a little over ten miles. Christian had a hard time getting going today so it took a little longer than expected but by his third mile he was jumping from rock to rock as usual. We finished hiking and headed to a park area to grill our lamb and eat our Paleo Greek Easter dinner.

Dinner was amazing and being there gave Christian another chance to play at a park. We stayed again right off PA233, right next to the trail. Realizing that we were now very close to Fayetville and even though we didn’t know Junker, we gave him a call. He told me to call him tomorrow when we were finished with our hike and said we could shower and stay at his place. These were beautiful words to my ears, shower and bed! It had been 6 nights since we’d showered last and it was becoming noticeable.

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