Happy Halloween

After returning from the bike ride we were all hungry and a little tired. So, we ate and relaxed for a bit with the wonderful Crazy Larry. We all love Halloween so much, and we had such great pirate costumes that none of us could wait to put our costumes on. By 3 we were all dressed and ready to go, but the trick or treating didn’t start until 6. Once we were all ready to go we were just about to head to town to go walk around when the Florida Flip Flopper friends came back from their bike ride on the Creeper Trail. Buddy was so happy to see them again that we passed an hour just sitting in their room while Buddy put face paint on CoMomdo and Badonk and we continued to catch up. They are so great,vwe could just sit and talk to them all day! Instead we all piled into the Jeep, leaving Dion to nap because he wasn’t feeling great, and we headed into town. We went to the post office to mail some packages we had, then went again to Hey Joes to have more incredibly nachos. We had such a great time eating, talking and laughing about the places we’d been after our flip back to the south.


After finishing our delicious food, we went back to the hostel to get Dion and so the Flip Floppers could get their costumes together. The chief of police came by the hostel to meet Buddy, take some pictures with him and invited us to come to the police station for a special surprise. Cub wore a packman costume that was left in the hiker box by someone who had been wearing it and roller blades on the creeper trail a few days back and was skating around scaring bike riders. We all set out to have a fantastic Halloween. We stopped at every church, house and store that had trick or treating. When we stopped by the police station Buddy got a really cute teddy bear that he has fallen in love with, along with tons of candy. We finished our night at the One Way Ministry which had food and little Halloween activities going on.

While walking back to the hostel we were stopped by a man who pulled over and asked, “Hey! Are you guys the Florida Flip Floppers and Buddy backpacker?” We looked at each other and thought, who is this guy? It turned out it was Jerry Thomas, the husband of the wonderful Sherri Thomas I’ve been speaking with on Facebook. He asked if we had time to come back to meet his wife and their friends Fidget and Mammy, whose house the had been staying at. Of corse we always have time to meet people who follow our journey. Terry told us that he had been following all of us on Trail Journals and Facebook! We were so excited to get to meet them all and spend some time getting to know them and were invited by Fidget and Mammy to stay with them when we get back to Damascus.  The Thomas family reiterated their very kind offer to stay with them when we got near Marion, which we highly intend on doing. We have been so blessed to meet all the true trail angels, the best of the best who are associated with the trail. It was a fantastic end to an incredible day. We were so happy to have spent Halloween in Damascus, and spending it with the Flip Floppers made it just perfect. We all had such an amazing time, that was the best Halloween Buddy has ever had by far! We stayed up late packing our stuff up and getting ready to leave in the morning, Buddy was trying to get in every story and minute he could with his friends.

In the morning we all left Crazy Larry’s hostel and headed to MoeJoes Coffeehouse which we heard had great breakfast and even better coffee. They certainly did not disappoint! We all sat around soaking up the last minutes we will probably spend together on the trail, thoroughly enjoying their company. Then after a sad goodbye to our dear friends headed back to the top of Whitetop where we will head north from there back to Bland, then will come back to Damascus and continue our SOBO trek to Springer.

Thank you so much to Snacktime and Teacher for putting this all together for us, we really had the best time. Thank you to Crazy Larry for having us at his hostel! A huge thank you to the Florida Flip Floppers for staying an extra day to spend a Halloween with Buddy, you seriously made his Halloween extra special by sharing it with us. We love you guys and can’t wait till we see you again! Thank you Damascus, till we see you again!

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