Hemlocks Shelter

Waking up well rested with no mosquitos to bat away while you pack up your stuff is a beautiful thing. After a great night sleep all around we decided to push for another 14 mile day to the Hemlock shelter. Dion and Christian didn’t get on the trail till about 10, so it was going to be a long day with a late finish for them, they had to get up over Bear Mountain which isn’t epic, it just has a large approach to it, and then over Mt Everett which is the second highest point on the trail. This was not going to be a 2 mile per hour average day, maybe 1.5 at best.

I drove BP and Doc up ahead to the Guilder Pond Picnic area because they were trying to catch back up with their friend who was ahead again. We went .5 miles north to the Hemlock Shelter and set up my tent and got our stuff all ready for the night, then headed south. They wanted to hike over Mt Everett, then head back north to get into Great Barrington which is the next big town a lot of people will stop in to resupply, I was going to keep hiking south until I ran into Dion and Christian. It was a long day for the boys, we didn’t get back to camp until 8:30 but in typical Christian fashion he was still hopping from one rock to the next right up until we go to the tent.

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