Hiker Heaven

Well, for once our plan worked out flawlessly!
We caught a ride from McDonalds to Vincent Gap at the base of Baden-Powell and hiked 8 miles the first night. The next day we completed our first 25 mile day! We didn’t get on the trail until 8:30 but with a break every 5 miles we were able to coast southbound into McDonalds again around 7:30.

Our friends Becky, Cali and James came to pick us up early the next day to all go hike Baden Powell together. We all had the most fantastic time hiking with all of them! What a steep 4 miles it is to get up there but worth every step when we see the view from the top.

Delores dropped us off at Islip Saddle mid-afternoon the next day and we headed north to where were sit in Hiker Heaven. The hike here was fantastic except for the Poodle Dog Bush section. Poodle Dog Bush is something like poison oak or poison Ivy, it’s just awful! The bush itself was rampant in this section but it was really the other bushes that were overgrown that made it quite difficult. Many people we spoke to took the optional road walk around this section but we pushed through and none of us have any signs of poodle dog rash!

We hiked into the Acton KOA on Saturday afternoon of Memorial Day weekend and had a great time on the bouncy castles, eating Chinese food we ordered and relaxing with the locals at the campground.

From there it was only 8 miles to Hiker Heaven but we’ve heard it was a hot section so even though we had already done 18 miles we left the KOA around 7 and made it another two miles before we called it quits for the night. We should have gone further or woken up earlier because the hike into Hiker Heaven is waterless and crazy hot by 8am. It is such a great feeling of victory to finally make it here after hearing about it since we began.

This is an amazing place to be- they service 50 hikers per day with showers, laundry and an amazing place to stay. Yesterday we checked out the pizza place in town, blew bubbles and enjoyed the fire pit at night.

We are heading out tonight, Memorial Day, to get in a few miles in the dark and hope to make it to the Anderson’s tomorrow evening. The weathers hot but life is good.

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