Hut, Hut, Hike!

We are in the Whites! We made it over Mt Moosilauke a few days ago and are now into the Whites. The days are getting a little longer and our mile count is dropping but these mountains are amazing!

Christian is doing so well, even with the epic climbs up and over these 4k foot mountains. When you ask him now, ” What’s your favorite part?” His answer every time is, “I like the hard stuff! I like climbing up to the tippy top because the view is AAAAMAZING and I like sliding down the big rocks like a slide!” Nothing slows him down, except snack brakes. We’ve decided to check out the huts they have in the Whites. They are very expensive, but the have the opportunity to do work for stay which includes dinner and breakfast.

Tonight is Dion’s birthday so we are going to stay at the Greenleaf hut. I’ve arrived early and ensured that there is space for our family there. The work that was asked of us took a total of 15 minutes! I got to clean the ice build up from the refrigerator and Dion had to clean the front of the stove. Christians work for stay was eating as many chocolate chip pancakes as possible! We didn’t get to sleep until about 9:30 which is 1:30am thru hiker time, and were woken up at 6 by the kitchen crew cooking breakfast but it was worth the amazing dinner and breakfast we received.

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