Donner Pass to Sierra City

Our ride from Truckee dropped us off mid-afternoon on a beautiful, sunny day. People were everywhere, it was a completely different site than the night before. We got back out on the trail, planning to go 7.3 miles north to the Peter Grubb Hut that night.

When we arrived at the Hut we expected it to be similar to the shelters found on the Appalachian Trail. This was very different. It was a full cabin- two stories high, several rooms, a fire place and a bunch of pre cut firewood. It looked like they were in the middle of a roof replacement though half of it was missing. That didn't matter at all to us, we were happy to have a fireplace to lite and plenty of space to dry out our soaking wet gear from the night before. 

During the next two days we had excellent weather and easy miles. That second day we started the long descent toward Sierra City, our next resupply point. This area is filled with knee high wild flowers from all the rain we've had the last few weeks. It just doesn't get any better than this. 

We've been hearing for weeks about the one pound burgers they are serving up at the Sierra Country Store. It's only a mile to town so we deiced to walk, we'll try to hitch as we walk in case any cars come by. They don't but that's okay, we're fueled by our hiker hunger. When we arrived the grill had already closed for the day so we opted for ice cream, chips and sandwiches. The owner of the store told us about the Church right behind her building that allowed hikers to camp and of a trail angel named Duffy who lived right behind that. It was getting late so we set up our tent and decided to try to find showers and burgers in the morning. 

We awoke to this man, standing at the fence behind us, asking if he could take us to breakfast. What a fantastic way to be woken up in the morning! We all piled in his van and headed to a diner where we had a wonderful breakfast and got to know 87 year old Duffy. He was in the middle of repairing a golf cart he would be driving around next week at Burning Man. He had many interesting life stories to share with us.  We truly meet the most incredible people while we're hiking this trail.

After breakfast he took us back into town and showed us where he had rigged up a shower for hikers, right across from his house. It was fed by the river running through town with fresh, freezing cold water. I decided to skip the shower but Dion and Buddy braved it. After washing and packing up we headed back to the store to resupply and get those one pound burgers. The store didn't have a lot of hiker food options, we ended up packing out 3 boxes of pop tarts and lots of PB&J for this stretch. It wasn't too far to our next stop in Belden. We stuffed ourselves with those incredible burgers and headed back to the trail. Those were probably the best burgers we've ever had. Now, we are off to the small town of Belden California. 


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