Making It Count

Pacific Crest Trail -

Making It Count

We were able to get down to kickoff and then right back to where we left off on the side of the road a few days earlier. Kickoff was kind of washed out with the never ending rain but the presentations were cool and we met a lot of really great people.

As some of you may have seen two days ago we experienced a truly life changing event. I witnessed a motorcyclist hit head on into an RV and die on impact. We tried our best to save this man from the flames that were engulfing his bike within seconds but we were unable to do so. I will never forget this event, I just hope to find peace with what happened and know that we did all we could. We will keep this man in our thoughts and hearts as we continue our journey along the trail.

We have taken a bit of time off for Kickoff festivities but now are back with a vengeance! We hiked from highway 74 to the campsites at mile 159.6. Unfortunately we left all our tent stakes at the KO so we were thankful there were a bunch of rocks around to hold down our tent. We woke up extra early and headed out another 3 PCT miles to the closure at Cedar Spring Junction. After that we hiked really quickly down the 6 miles of side trail back to highway 74. That was a pretty great beginning to the day, it was followed by almost 13 miles of road walking which weren’t as pleasant but our pain was shared by many others who chose not to hitch as well so at least we were not alone.

We hiked into the wonderful town of Idyllwild again, visited the grocery store and library before heading into the San Jacinto Camp Ground. We ran into our friend Hand Me Down we hiked most of the 100 mile wilderness with. We showered this morning, which never looses it’s excitement, and charged our electronics in the bathrooms. Now, we are sitting in the Higher Grounds Coffee shop hoping to get on the trail by noon. This town is so wonderful it’s hard to leave but there are many, many more miles to go.

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