Making Miles

Appalachian Trail -

Making Miles

Day two and 7 more miles added. We have gone a total of 13 miles so far and counting. The weather was decent this morning but quickly turned to rain mid afternoon. We had breakfast on the go which consisted of a banana, a cup of strawberries with agave, pineapple, 1/2 cup of mixed unsalted nuts and a handful of dark chocolate. This worked much better than the eggs and bacon yesterday.

Bacon is the single most amazing food and we will eat it often, when there’s left overs from breakfast we throw it in a bag and eat the rest for lunch but the clean up is a bit much. Bacon grease coats everything it touches and trying to wash your pots and dishes at the gas station bathroom is not ideal, especially when there’s a line

We’re thinking that heading down to Traildays in mid-May might be a great idea so that Christian can get to see how many other people are hiking the trail and what it’s all about. He really enjoys the attention he gets when people find out he’s thru hiking, it keeps him interested in finishing. We are going to make him a trail shirt so people know he’s thru hiking when they see him coming.

He was a little offended today when a lady stopped to ask him how his walk was going, he replied very emphatically, “I am not on a walk, I’m on an adventure! I’m thru hiking the Appalachian trail.” He is very proud of himself and so are we.


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