Manchester Center

We’ve made it to Bromley Shelter tonight after the Congdon Shelter, Goddard Shelter, Story Spring Shelter, and Prospect Rock. We were given the inevitable news yesterday that Porch and Tumbleweed will be leaving us today. We are so sad to see them go, but know they have to move on with the next chapter of their lives in Mississippi, and we must keep moving North!

They hiked to VT 11 and then I took them to the Red Sled Motel in Manchester Center to wait for Tumbleweed’s identical twin sister to come pick them up. I went into town and resupplied while Dion and Christian went in the pool and hung out with our friends for our last day. After a round of showers and another great meal from our grill, we have parted ways with our trail partners in condiment crime with a promise to see them when we finish. We have hiked two miles up to Bromley shelter tonight and will prepare for a big 15 mile day tomorrow.

Our next “get to” spot is Killington Vermont. We met, and fell in friend-love with a guest from our hostel in Crested Butte and he has so graciously invited us to stay with him and his wife when we are in the area. We are booking it there now, we ordered a new sleeping pad, (this is my 3rd one of this trip- if there is a next one, it will be a pad not an inflatable!) an ipad mini case finally and a few other essentials to their house that we are very excited to get. We can’t wait to visit with our friend we only met briefly but remember so fondly. When he stayed with us over the winter and offered to let us stay with him it was a goal I put in my mind, if we make it to his house, if we can make it that far than we can finish the whole trip.

We are in over 600 miles so far, we have almost made it, and I couldn’t be more excited, proud and in love with every day we spend on this journey. Thank you to every amazing person we have met, will meet and that continue to be in our lives, helping us every step of the way to achieve this amazing accomplishment for our son.

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