Appalachian Trail -

Morgan Stewart Shelter

“Oh, I’ll just slack pack their gear and carry it there since the parking lot is only a mile from the shelter, it won’t be that bad,” I thought to myself last night. Oh how wrong I was. I ended up with the 57 pound pack plus about 15 pounds of gear from Dion’s pack. This wouldn’t have been so bad except I headed in the wrong direction, of corse. Only for about two miles until I realized I had gone way too far, then checked my direction. This was not my shining moment of the day.

I turned around and made it back to the shelter before the boys arrived though. I was able to set up our stuff and write this post before they arrived. We are going to decide in the morning where we will head tomorrow because we want to get in some miles but we also want to get to that party on Thursday.

This is a small shelter with three fire rings, picnic table, privy and water very close by. Water is imperative to our survival but having it too close to where you sleep makes the Mosquitos unbearable. So, tonight we have set up our tent inside the shelter. Keeps the Mosquitos out and we don’t have to bare the heat of the rain fly again tonight!