Mount Moosilauke

Today is the day, the Whites are here!!

We are setting out early, 7am, from the Hikers Welcome hostel to conquer Mt Moosilauke today and are super excited to see if the Whites live up to the incredibly hard hype we’ve been hearing from all the south bounders we’ve met. A lot of people who stayed at the Hikers Welcome are slack packing, care of the amazing Mrs. Janet, going south bound and coming back to the hostel tonight because it’s said to be easier that way.

We have decided that we are going to hit it going north and we’re glad we did. It was a hard 4.5 mile climb up, but it was much easier to come down the other very seep side than it would have been for us to climb up. The waterfalls on the northern side of Moosilauke are endless and incredibly beautiful. By the end of this 10 mile day, Buddy and Dionysus are exhausted! It was an amazing day, very long but not too hard.

Tonight we are staying at Chet’s place in Lincoln NH. We had heard from a south bounder at the Hiker hostel about Chet’s place who told us where it was and were happy to get to stay there after such a long day. Chet is such an amazing person with a really incredible story. Chet was a super active young man who was gearing up to set out on his own AT thru hike some ten years ago, and was trying out an alcohol stove ( a whisper light, but shhhhh I didn’t tell you) in his home before he let for his trip. Upon flicking his ignitor to get it started it exploded, destroying his house and leaving Chet fighting for his life in the ICU for weeks. Chet was able to survive, against all odds, but was left paralyzed from the waist down. He now has opened up his home and his heart to all thru hikers that come through. His story is almost as amazing as he is. He is so thankful for the company, any help you offer when he needs and loves to hear everyones story.

It’s going to rain tomorrow so we will take the day off and zero here, catch up on some work and hit up the library for Christian.

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