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Mountain Crossings

Last night we had the extreme privilege of getting to meet the wonderful Chris Hall who owns and contacted us to let us know that he had made and wanted to give Buddy his very own pair of ultra lightweight bamboo hiking poles. To say Buddy was excited to hear this would be quite an understatement. When Chris pulled out those sticks and gave them to Buddy he was just elated! They are pretty much the most awesome gift he’s ever gotten. Then Chris gave Dion and I a pair too! I couldn’t believe how nice these poles are. They are made from this beautiful solid bamboo that move and give when you are hiking, but are sturdy as any other poles I’ve ever seen. Chris says that no one has yet to break a pair, but they can very easily be fixed if they do. We are so excited about our new poles, the boys couldn’t wait to get back on the trail and try them out! For anyone that is interested in poles, needs new ones, or wants to try something different I would definitely check these out! We are gear freaks and only tell people about gear if it’s the best. Check them out, add it to your Christmas list!

This morning they set out a bit late, but still planned on doing 17.6 miles today. Now, I can’t believe we are here! I am sitting on the floor in the bathroom of Mountain Crossings waiting for the dryer to be done, charging my iPad and I just wouldn’t want to be anywhere but here right now. I know I keep saying it over and over, maybe it’s helping, but the weather is just unbelievable today. Everyone that has been pulling in to the parking lot has on shorts and t-shirts. I got here a bit earlier this morning and showered, which was glorious after a few days of skipping it, and waited for Buddy and Dion to come hiking through the walkway of Mountain Crossings.

It was so awesome to see Buddy dancing and doing the Buddy shuffle through this spot we’ve been hearing about for so long. He is just incredible and being here is such an accomplishment for him. Since we are going to head on to Suches, we have decided we are going to push on and do SPRINGER TOMORROW! That is literally lowing my mind right now. I can not believe, tomorrow night we will be there. We have been asked by Amicalola Lodge to be their guests at a Christmas party they are having tomorrow and to stay their tomorrow and Friday night. That means a day off for the boys! This has made up our minds and so, we have decided to push on and get to Springer tomorrow. I’m sorry for anyone who had planned to meet us, that won’t be able to make it on Saturday. We just need to do what is best for the team right now, and try to stay ahead of schedule as much as we can. If you are free and can make it tomorrow night, that would be great we are expecting to be there around 5pm with Buddy. I can’t wait to share with all of you that he’s made it to Springer, another HUGE milestone in our adventure!

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