Mt Algo Shelter

Today was hot. Really hot. We were going to push on for a 16 mile day but decided after our third mile, that was not happening. The heat makes us all a little lazy and a little cranky. We went 9 instead to the Mt Algo shelter. We crossed the boarder of NY-CT two more times today but are now officially completely out of NY. It feels good to know we’ve completed three states so far and are all still having a great time. Even though it was stiflingly hot, we still managed to enjoy our miles.

We rested at every spot with a breeze strong enough to keep some of the mosquitos away and took our time. We make sure that we are all well hydrated, stopping at most water sources along the way and try to consume at least 3 liters before we get to camp. Even still, the heat took its tole and slowed us down a bit today. We left this morning about 9 and got here around 4 but we did stop several times for quite a while. It’s far from a race for us but we are now racing against the clock to finish before the middle of winter. No one from last nights shelter is here but funny bone, whom we met at the party, just arrived. We are all exhausted from our day so we’re heading to bed early, heading into Kent, CT in the morning to resupply then moving on.

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