New Friends

There is nothing better in life than a great friend! We are so thankful for everyone we’ve met along the way, but every once in a while someone comes along and really steals your heart. For Buddy right now that is a little girl named Cali. She’s 6 and lives just outside the Cajon Pass, Buddy has been counting the miles until we arrive here.

After our last post went up I went to sleep feeling rejuvenated from our unexpected zero and thrilled with our new purchases from REI. We all have new socks, we returned our stove and are now opting for a no cook diet and I scored a pair of kids wool pants for me on sale for only $20. We also experienced our first $1 movie theater! Unfortunately my stomach had other plans. Poor Buddy and I woke up the next morning sick as anything. Thankfully we were still at the amazing Sandizzzle’s house and she let us stay another day to recover in the comfort of an indoor bathroom. The next day we were so thankful to Dizzzle for slack packing us from highway 173 to highway 138 so we were able to get in about 15 miles in a few hours.

After she picked us up Christian was reunited with his new best friend Cali in the Cajon Pass. Although we just took two days off we decided we couldn’t tear the two apart again so soon. Another zero day was had by all and enjoyed to the max sitting by the pool and enjoying the shade. These two have just clicked so well and really enjoy playing together all day and all night.

We are heading out this morning from where we left off at the highway 138 underpass at mile 329.1 near Silverwood Lake and heading 12.7 miles up to McDonalds at the Cajon Pass. From there we are going to catch a ride up to Vincent Gap at mile 374.5 and hike south that 32.7 mile section so that 90% will be downhill. Then on Monday morning we will catch a ride back up to Vincent Gap and hike up Baden-Powell with our friend Cali and her family! Buddy is so excited to show her how he hikes, he’s going to speed through the next few days to get there.

Although slow and steady we are still moving forward. We are going to enjoy the down time now while in the company of good friends. This trip for us is about slowing down and enjoying every mile! There is so much to love about the PCT!

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