Pacific Crest Prep

Here we are again, surrounded by the excitement of planning a thru hike!  We actually have a lot of really exciting things going on, we are just trying to focus on one thing at a time and make sure it all gets done well.

For right now we are in NY, on Long Island actually. This is where both of our families live and where most of our friends still are. We are so glad that we will be able to spend this transition period, as we end one journey and prepare for a the next, here in NY. Dion has been glued to his computer screen lately working on several different projects. I have been trying to curtail the energy of Buddy Backpacker off the trail. Thankfully where we are in NY there is an indoor pool, which has become our home away from home with Buddy. I am trying to incorporate as many homeschooling activities as possible in to each day. Buddy just loves to cook and so he is helping me with all of the food prep for the PCT. We have begun dehydrating food for the sections of the trail where the towns are further apart.
I went to the post office with Buddy and we started setting up our mail drop boxes. We haven’t finalized our drop box schedule yet, but we are starting on the necessities.
Dion got his 2000 mile certificate in the mail the other day. I was laughing so hard when I first opened it, but then we realized it was perfect and Dion’s trail name has finally been chosen. When we first returned from the trip our family was asking about our travels and wanted to know all about the people we met along the way. One thing that really stood for us out that was mentioned was the way people down south say Dion’s name. They really put the emphasis on the E in his name. dEon. It’s great and we just love it. Ever since we’ve gotten back this is the way Christian and I call out for him across the house. Later on that evening we received an email from some wonderful person from the ATC to let us know that Buddy’s certificate had been returned. We gave them an address in NY to send it out to so hopefully we will get that soon, we can’t wait!

We have put a lot of time and effort into researching all of the concerns that one would have when hiking the PCT. After doing the AT I feel that we have learned a lot from the mistakes that we made along the way. We will all be able to hike together, in one continuous direction and do so without the aid of our Jeep. I am looking forward to meeting all the people I have been speaking with who have offered their assistance as we travel that way. I am thrilled that we are going to do the PCT and really happy that our family and friends are backing us on our decision. What I think some people don’t understand is that this is not us living out our dreams and dragging our son along. This is our lives, this is how we live and in our family we hike because we all love it. Now it is my job to make sure that along with the hiking we take care of all the other aspects of a healthy life.

Lately our lifestyle has been anything but healthy. It’s been delicious but I am at the breaking point with this sedentary lifestyle. Other than running around after Christian, we have eased back into the lifestyle of the couch potato. This is hard for Dion because he works on the computer, so he has to sit. But we haven’t chosen to use the gym that’s in the club house next to the pool and we’ve been indulging in delicious NY food. So it is time for a change. We have decided to do a juice cleanse. I need to clear out the 400 snickers bars I’ve eaten in the past 6 months and get my health back on track. Dion and I are going to do the juice cleanse as long as possible and hopefully get Buddy to have some as well!

Wish us luck as we head into the first few days of juicing! It doesn’t taste too bad but the headaches are not so much fun. We will be keeping up to date again on our TJ and our site as we pursue our next dream!
About a week ago Buddy lost his first tooth! I was so excited about the tooth fairy coming, so I made him this little box to put his tooth in. In the morning he awoke to find glittery money in it’s place!

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