Appalachian Trail -

Pushing On

We’re back and making moves through these miles! We had a little bit of trouble at first finding where the trail went from the highway, but once we saw the double blaze telling us to hop over the barrier, we were set. The trail is so beautiful down here in Virginia, honestly a lot nicer than we thought it would be. The paths are clear, the switchbacks are very well marked, and the weather is perfect. We came to this section of the trail at a perfect time of year. Fall has just started down here so we are able to see the green leaves still up in the trees changing colors while stomping on the brown crunchy leaves under our feet. Buddy loves the fall! He keeps going on and on about how great the weather is, and for those of you who don’t know this fun fact about Buddy, his favorite show is the Wake Up with Al Roker on the weather channel. He knows all about the weather and can really hold a great conversation about it.

Things back on the trail are going really well. We are trying to take every moment we can to enjoy every second. We all realize what an amazing experience this is and how lucky we are to get to do it. While in NY, Dion and his father created a sleeping system for our Jeep which consists of propping plywood up with crates, giving us a platform to sleep on. I must admit, at first I wasn’t thrilled with the idea, but they worked great! I don’t think we will do this often, but is great for nights like tonight when we have gone 14.5 miles, the sun is going down because we are ending around 5 and there isn’t a stealth site around.

We got the terrible news that Cub, the youngest daughter of the Florida Flipfloppers broke her arm, and being that we are within 200 miles of them we are hoping to see them soon! Christian was so sad to hear this news, but couldn’t wait to ask her all about it so he can avoid, “bending” his arm too! It seems that in true Beast Cub fashion she is going to continue on! She is such a trooper! She has such a fantastic mom and sister to help her along, I’m sure that they will make it! I hope we are able to catch up with them soon so we could see if they will let our Red Backpack carry their bags!