Rainy Redo

16 miles, that sounds a lot longer than it seemed while we were hiking. We’ve been waiting for a package to arrive at Mt Holly post office so we decided that Christian and I would start out from Sherwood Drive and hope to get to Whiskey Springs in time to get to the little post office before they closed at 4. We got up at 7, were on the trail by 7:30 and quickly got into our groove. It was a beautiful morning which turned into a hot afternoon, we passed a lot of people on our southbound day. Around mile 8 we met up with Dion for lunch.

We soon realized that it was coming up on 12 o’clock and I still had 8 miles to go and only 4 hours till the post office was to close. We decided that Christian would go back the way he came with Dion and I would jog the rest of the way to ensure I made it in time. (Christian and I will go back tomorrow to redo those 8 miles he missed.) I jogged and ran more that day on the trail than I ever have in the gym! The further I went, the better I felt. I got to the car around 3 and made it to the post office with plenty of time to spare. Of corse, the package was not there. Why would it be? That would be too easy. I ran some errands, got some food then met up with the boys around 5 at Sherwood Drive.

Just as I pulled out all our cooking gear, the heavens opened up and it started pouring down on us. In the car, all over the food on the grill so I packed up and shut the car hatch as quickly as I could, threw on my rain jacket and sucked it up. Even though I moved with haste, our stuff still got soaked that was in the back of the jeep. We most often sleep in the jeep, but because it is a little too small we bungee the end so it stays open and we can hang our feet out. This works well, except when its raining. Then the water comes in from all sides and drips from everywhere. Needless to say this was not the best night we’ve had, but we were all safe and together. 

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