Appalachian Trail -


Today is a zero day for Dion, which is much needed because his stuff is all over the place and this will not do. Dion dropped us off at a gravel road that comes close enough to the trail that Christian and I only had to redo 3 of the miles from the day before to get back on the right track. We finished our miles pretty quickly, we are now averaging 2.5 miles per hour which is pretty darn good!

Christian is doing so well with the hike, never ever complaining about having to keep going he just goes. He loves it which just makes everything so much easier! We are going to Dion’s aunts house tonight for a BBQ, Christian is so excited to get to play with Dion’s cousin Nathaniel tonight, it’s all he’s been talking about. We feel a bit guilty for giving up on our Paleo diet, but the amount of energy we have now from eating anything and everything can not be given up!