Appalachian Trail -

Return to the Shenandoah’s

For the past few days we have had the extreme privilege of staying with the amazing Thomas family in Marion VA while we are reading ourselves to do the Shenandoah’s.  We just love hanging out with this family, they are amazing and we are so thankful to have met them! We are trying to find a way to pack everything up into our Jeep from Christmas and part with the warm bed and delicious food. We are going to be heading out from Marion this afternoon to begin the Shenandoah’s first thing tomorrow morning. We have planned to finish our hike at the Appalachian Trail Conservancy office in Harpers Ferry on January 9th probably about 4pm if you are around and would like to come help us celebrate finishing up this amazing hike! If you would like to come out and hike with us for the day just shoot us a message and we will try to make it work! Thanks to everyone who is following our hike, we ca’t believe how close we are getting to the end!