Roaming Roan

After finishing a 16 mile day the boys are tired and ready for some food. We are excited to be staying back on the trail again tonight, hoping to keep knocking these miles out! We drove up to the top of this range and snuggled up together so we can hit the trail first thing in the morning. We have planned a NOBO 14.6 mile day and then will head back up and head south 15.6 today to end at Iron Mountain Gap tomorrow night. Thursday we have planned a shorter day, ending just shy of Erwin and head into uncle Johnny’s and stay there for the night.

We are so excited that we’ve been invited to Thanksgiving Dinner in Hot Spings which is going to be hosted by Miss Janet and Crunchmaster’s parents, he is another crazy SOBO still out here! We were a little sad to think that we might be spending Thanksgiving alone, which would have been fine, but we are REALLY excited to know that we will be with AT family eating turkey and sharing stories of our SOBO adventures!

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