Rock And Roll

Yesterday was the best zero day we’ve had in a while! We always feel so much better about taking a whole day off when it pours ALL day, and it certainly did! It rained from the time we went to bed on Monday night till after we went to bed last night. We went to REI and resisted the urge to buy anything, although there were a million things we could have justified purchasing. We went to our favorite spot, the library, and spent a bit of time there reading as many books as Buddy wanted! We spend one last night with our friends Rock and Roll, eating the delicious BBQ that Roll made and listening to their fantastic stories about hiking in Napal and several other fantastic places we have added to our ‘To do’ life list.

We woke up this morning and saw that there was about 2″ of snow on the deck outside. We knew the snow was coming, it’s just always a surprise to wake up and see it covering the ground you need to be walking on. We knew we weren’t going to get in big miles today, so we took our time packing up and getting out this morning. We have decided to head into Hot Springs today so that we can get an early start on the trail tomorrow morning if it’s not too bad and get some miles in before a big Thanksgiving feast. On our way we saw that the snow has stopped and the clouds had cleared so Dion thought we should drive over to Tanyard Gap and check out the trail. It’s an easy 6 miles, pretty much all down hill, low in elevation and right into town. After arriving and seeing that the trail didn’t look too bad, they both decided they would go for it! Buddy was so excited that he would get to hike in the snow. We bundled them both up with lots of layers, hand and foot warmers and they headed off. We are going to stay in town tonight, hike 11 miles from TN 70 south to Tanyard tomorrow and then come back into Hot Springs for Thru Hiker Thanksgiving! We are so excited to meet and hang out with all the other SOBO’s down here. There is nothing like family, but thru hiker family is a VERY close second.

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