Saved In Salisbury

After their long, soaking wet 15 mile day Dion and I decided that they would go 8 miles into Salisbury and figure it out from there. There was another shelter only 3 miles from there, but it was 3 miles straight up so we were going to try to find somewhere to camp in or around the town. The hike for Christian and Dion was much easier terrain and better weather, but they were still pretty tired from the day before.

I drove into Salisbury and scoped out the town, hoping to get to the library for a few hours to update our blog and get some work done before I had to pick the boys up from the trail head on Cobble Road. While I was walking up to the library I ran into a young couple from the trail, whose names I can not remember but should I meet them again I will come back and update, they were sitting on the front steps to the library eating lunch. They told me they were waiting for a package and would be heading back to the trail when they were finished with lunch. We spoke for a little while longer, then I sat down for a few hours and busted out some work.

Around 5, I drove up to the trail head and saw that Christian and Dion were walking up with Doc and BP behind them. Everyone piled in the Jeep and we headed back to town. Boone was already in town waiting for BP and Doc to arrive and at this point it was pouring, he told them he was at St Johns Episcopal Church and we could meet him there because the pastor had invited hikers in from the rain. We went to the grocery store then headed over there. Man did we luck out. This was a huge room in the basement of the church and we were aloud access to their fully stocked restaurant style kitchen. We got to use our portable grill we are still touting around in the car to cook lunch and hung out for a few hours, charging our devices napping and waiting for the rain to let up. The pastor eventually returned and invited us to all stay for the night, these were magical words to us all! We didn’t want to venture out into the rain, even if it was just another 3 miles. So, instead we all went to the grocery store and got food to make breakfast for dinner, Bill and Amy style and fed everyone that was there. This was a great night. Christian was very excited they had a piano and a microphone in the room and we had a thru hiker jam sesh for a while before bed time. Things like this really make the trail infinitely better!

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