Silver Hill Campsite

Today was the first day of slack packing, and it was great! We made a fast Walmart run from Bill and Amy’s house, then I dropped the boys off in Kent, CT for their 10 mile day around 1pm. They are now just carrying water, Dion will carry lunch and a few other minimal essentials, but nothing even close to the 40 pound packs we were touting the other day.

I drove up ahead to Corwall Bridge CT, ran into Bison who unfortunately has an infection on his leg and is zeroing in town for the day. I parked the car, packed up all of our gear and hiked up to Silver Hill Campsite. Upon arriving at the campsite, I was greeted by Porch and Tumbleweed! We were hoping to catch back up with them but didn’t think it would be this soon! I set up the tent, blew up our sleeping pads, laid out clean sleeping clothes for the boys to change into and played card with Porch and Tumbleweed until Dion and Christian arrived around 8pm. Christian told me that his favorite part of this day was stopping for lunch with Dion and making shapes in the clouds. Dion’s favorite part of his day was his 5 pound pack and his new $30 Walmart shoes he’s switched into from his $130 Solomans that are now falling apart.

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