Slacking Solution

Slack packing is making our thru hike so much easier, explaining it is the difficult part. We pick a spot with a parking lot at or very close to the trail we can leave our car for the day while we hike. We will use the same spot for a few days since we only go 6-12 miles a day and then move along to the next one. We pick somewhere that has the option of putting the tent up, we can sleep in our Jeep but it’s not ideal. All of our stuff stays in the car except the necessities for that days hike.

Dion will drive us ahead to where the road intersects the trail, point A, which is where Christian and I will start our northbound hike. Dion will drive back to where we are keeping the car, Point B, and this is where he will begin his southbound hike. We hike toward each other, meeting about half way for lunch. We finish about the same time and then when Christian and I finish at point B where the car is we will drive back to point A where we started to pick Dion up.

It’s usually mid afternoon by then so we head to the grocery store to grab food for the next day or two, then back to parking area by the trail to set up camp for the night.

This is working out great thus far, we will have to see how we will work it out when we will have to go a few days without the car because the roads don’t pass near the trail, up near Maine and a few other spots. We will make it work!

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