Appalachian Trail -

State Line to RPH Shelter

We have been having the best time since leaving the car behind and beginning to stay at the shelters. Christian loves to tell people stories of all the things he sees during the day, he’s invented a new dance called the Buddy Shuffle, and we have realized that staying in these shelters and getting to meet all these people is exactly where we need to be. We have met so many amazing people who range anywhere from a 17 year old high school graduate hiking alone to a pair of 70 year old men who average 20+ miles per day.

The conversations that Christian gets to have because of where we stay each night are invaluable. He has learned to start a fire, set up our tent, filter water several different ways, hang a bear bag, tie a knot, and withstand the thru hiker smell.

Christian has not had a single blister or callus form of his feet yet as we hit almost 500 miles. I can not believe how well he is doing, he can hike just as well as any of the other hikers and does even better then most with the large boulders because he can use them as a slide. He carries a hydration pack that has 1ltr of water, two race cars, our Steripen water filter, our cat food can alcohol stove, flashlight and a section of Awol’s guide bringing his backpack to a tidal of under 5 pounds. We have given him the important job of carrying all of our most important items, luckily they all happen to be very light.

We have been out for 13 days now and have reached the RPH shelter and are going to go pick up the car, bring it back home to Long Island which is only two hours away, and sell it. We have had enough driving here there and everywhere and we just don’t need it. We are going to swap out some gear, visit some family, and grill as much as possible!

During these days on the trail we stayed at Pochuck Mountain, Wawayanda Shelter for two nights, Wildcat Shelter, Buchanan Mountain, Fingerboard, West Mountain, Graymoor Spiritual Life Center for two nights, and Clarence State Park.

We will be back on the trail on July 1st, until then we are going to update our blog, get some work done and enjoy the comforts of indoor life.